15 April 2010

I cleared the ASOL exam - 1986

With this history and the background, I was well on my way to become a HAM operator. 

The training classes started and was scheduled for 1 hour from 5.30 PM every week day from Monday to Friday.  Regular college classes were scheduled to close at 5.00 PM.

My sked was - Leave Home (about 5 Kms from the College - My home was in Chamarajapuram- Near Law Courts) - cycle the distance and reach the college by 5 PM.  Park the cycle adjacent to the Ganesha Temple opposite to the Main Gate.  Stand and wait for the HAM team to finish their classes - they usually went past me around 5.10 PM and would come back after aback after about 15 mins with the Power Supply, Morse Key and CPO.  This necessiated me to wait atleast 25 mins before the Ham Classes started. The wait usually meant that I STAND leaning on to my bicycle,waiting for the team to arrive.

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Classes were successful - with about 30 students and one outsider - ME - appeared for the ASOL exam in 1986.  I successfully cleared the Grade I exam. 

Next was the indefinite wait for the "critical" "Decision Letter" to arrive from the WPC - but that is a story by itself - more of it in a different post.