26 December 2006


It has been a long time since I blogged. New Job, New responsibilites, new environment, new colleagues. I have now settled into the job and should have some time on a weekly basis to keep my blog active.

News from the Mysore Ham Group is that the repeater (an automated receive and forward equipment facilitating long distance 2 way VHF communication) which was off the air for a long time due to various causes, is now back on the air and doing a good job at that.

New location, new antenna, new height and the usual winter propogation for VHF is giving it some good reports. I am also able to access the repeater from Bangalore with under 1 W with my "Wind powered - Rotatable" 5 element beam facing - somewhere - towards Mysore. That should be interesting.

We have one Ham from Guruvayur in Kearla also accessing the repeater, not forgetting the usual VU2 RCT Chandra from Puttur in Dakshina Kannada.

There are a lot of interesting Yahoo! groups related to HAM Radio. There are specific groups releated to HAM sat, Home Brewing, General Information, etc. Will provide the details on request. (Not that there is any secrecy!!!)

Keep giving me your queries so that I can make the topics more specific. I will also continue the series that has not flowed after Part I.